Draag has officially dropped their new video for the track titled ‘Ghost Leak’. Filmed as a montage of moving images of sorts, the video captures the subtle metaphoric effervescence of the track in a truly cinematic style, each shot featuring a lonely, almost silhouette of a figure. This captures the meaning of the song perfectly, with the atmospheric and melodic track playing along with the visuals and not above. This is just as it better captures the beautiful voice of vocalist Jessica Huang and the meaning behind the lyrics. With each instrument in locked synchronicity, Draag captures that disparate feeling of involuntary isolation with either the self or that lost someone we loved. We all have that feeling, I think. Myself included. But I believe Draag recorded and filmed this wonderful track to lets each of us know that we are not alone and we’ve all been there. It’s how we get out of that shell and into the light that helps define how we feel about ourselves in the end. Thank you, Draag.

About Draag

With flavors of Sonic Youth, Boards of Canada and My Bloody Valentine mixed together, Draag began as a solo project of Adrian Acosta, trained as a mariachi singer by his established norteño musician father. He recruited other members – Jessica Huang, Nick Kelley, Ray Montes and Shane Graham – from disparate upbringings in the worlds of underground punk, no wave, experimental jazz, and classical music training. The project has been tested by illness and personal turmoils – this new EP is about processing trauma, how it can be terrifying & isolating but also incredibly empowering. Having played shows with Reggie Watts, Part Time, Vinyl Williams, Goon, Young Jesus, Girl Friday and more, Draag also has an upcoming residency at The Echo in February.

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Photo Credit: Devonte Johnson

Directed and shot by Adrian Acosta and Jessica Huang
Type by Angelo Rosales
Edited by Elijah R. (lunoluna)
Camera assist by Elijah R. (lunoluna)
Rest in peace, Brian
Special thanks to Alejandro & Tania