1. One Shot Summi 2:40

Summi is the brainchild of songwriter and artist Hunter Sumner who started off riffing on a piano at the age of only 5 years old. From there his love for music only grew and in high school, he began to learn about recording instruments and vocals.

At first Sumner produced and wrote EDM music and it eventually evolved into laying down hip hop beats.

Falling deeper in love with his craft, Sumner kept on producing material until he got to a place comfortable enough to take a next step. He needed someone to rap on his songs.

As the artist himself puts it, “Man, I need a rapper to spit on all these beats I got….. Wait. Why don’t I just do it?”

So, he dove into the study of hip hop and many other genres until he decided it was time to write and track his own raps.

It was really then that Summi was born and the M.E.S.I. album is serves as a testament to where he is at with his own sound right now.

The M.E.S.I. album is available on all major outlets for streaming and the artist is always working on new material and collaborations for the near future.

SOURCE: Official Bio