Aderyn has today released her new video for the track titled ‘Scotty’. Aside from the obvious yet brilliant sci-fi reference, what we get is an original song with an even more original concept. The video, to me, is just plain fun. A raucous journey of fun and fiction that perfectly matches the song in content and scope. This is a song that will go with you after you hear it and visually attract you to things you didn’t know existed before. That’s the power of a good video. Inspiration as innovation and camp as cool. Now watch it again!

About Aderyn

As a teenager Aderyn grew tired of life on a sheep farm in the Brecon Beacons and left home at 16 to become a drummer in a grunge band. After a few years of playing drums for other artists, watching the singers run around on stage and chatting to the fans, she decided that it looked like fun too. First in line is track ‘Scotty’ which, on the surface, is a light-hearted pop song with a Star Trek reference but dig deeper and you’ll find musings on heartache and breakups.

“I was actually drunk when I wrote this song, which probably explains the mixture of brutal honesty and Star Trek references in the lyrics. I got back from the pub and picked up my guitar and all these feelings started pouring out. This song is about ‘eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’ feeling of wanting to erase someone from your memory, because sometimes life gets so messy you can’t figure out another way to get over somebody. The tempo kicks up in the choruses, and that’s when the thumping drums and spacey guitars kick in”


Drawing on her love of grunge rock and indie pop she wrote songs about past loves, new loves and future loves; basically, all about love, this is pop music after all. This is Aderyn’s first release on the Phwoar & Peace roster.

“The phrase ‘beam me up Scotty’ is one my Dad uses whenever something goes wrong, and I wanted to use it to represent that feeling of wanting to be taken totally out of a situation. This song was influenced by the alien-esque imagery of Bowie, and I had fun bringing in different musical influences- the drums are quite indie disco, and the backing vocal harmonies have this fun 80s power pop vibe. We added a bunch of ‘alien’ sounds on the guitars, and the mega guitar solo at the end is one of the funniest things ever to play live.”


With this release, Phwoar & Peace are welcoming the fantastic Aderyn to the Phwoar & Peace roster! Impressed by the great songwriting and quirky vocals on her first two self released singles ‘Lucozade’ and ‘Silver Screen’ the label can’t wait to show you the great music she has up her sleeves.