1. Tin Man The Unwoken 4:04

A highly anticipated 5 song EP from L.A. based rock band, The Unwoken, each song speaks volumes about current social hurdles, uprisings, and the need for hope with those unheard. First released in May 2019, the EP titled Some Lives Matter has sparked curiosity as well as interests in both the lyrical content and emotionally charged musical performances. Though the band has halted current live shows given the COVID19 outbreak, the music however has connected with listeners finding inspiration in a time of uncertainty through live radio and internet interviews.

Recorded in the summer of 2018 in Hollywood, California at EastWest Studios with producer and engineer Les Camacho, vocalist and bassist Albert Ramirez tells a story about a person who time travels warning the past about future discord and a slow dystopia with a singular message of hope. “Prescient, timely, relevant, and most importantly it rocks out hard” – (June 2020 Luis Mora, online music review).

With growing presence on Facebook and Spotify the band is working on releasing additional songs for the winter of 2020. This 4-piece rock group is building upon this movement in a time that calls upon its listeners to take action for the November 2020 elections. “Some Lives Matter is a heavy song, both in lyrical content and musical delivery. I think the message conveys is relevant to the world at large and very reflective of the racial and political tension in the U.S…” (April 2020 Song Review).

With so much occurring in the United States and around the world, The Unwoken will continue to support those fighting for a voice and offering a musical outlet for its audiences. You can find their music on social media and official website.

SOURCE: Official Bio