Royvine has today released his new EP titled ‘Criminal’. I have to say this first off. This is a fun set of tracks. You have those monster pop hooks that reach out and grab you with each and every track. But, other than that, this is a fun album. Not just to listen to. I feel this was fun to make. It’s rare when you hear an unsung emotion in each track but I can hear Royvine having fun. And, isn’t that the important thing? To have fun. Royvine loves music. That is apparent. And he wants you to love his. And that is important.

About Royvine

Royvine is a new independent queer singer/songwriter from Worcester, MA based in Los Angeles, CA.

Sharing perspectives on social justice, queer love and identity, Royvine presents an anticipated four song EP titled, Criminal releasing 11/12/21 on all streaming platforms.

With a history of playing in bands, Royvine has always had a collaborative nature, which comes out in his performance.

Criminal will be Royvine’s 6th release this year with two fundraisers reminding us that imagination is limitless.