Norway’s Damokles has today released their new album title ‘Nights Come Alive’ via Vinter Records. Harsh like a habit and sonically larger than life, Damokle makes the album like a live show with the angst and anger reflecting the mood of today. Breaking the mold, and then pissing on the pieces, Damokles are the new ‘holy shit’ of the hardcore scene. Recorded with just enough melody and harmony so your girlfriend doesn’t run out of the car.

About Damokles

Damokles, based in Oslo, Norway, was founded during the autumn of 2019, and has since its inception had a seemingly manic songwriting energy. Six critically acclaimed singles with accompanying music videos have already been released, as well as a cover of the Depeche Mode hit “Never Let Me Down Again”.

The band is now working on their 2nd album. Damokles aren’t very concerned with genre rules, but the main sources of inspiration stems from emotional 90s post-hardcore and related indie rock, mixed with dystopian 80s post-punk. The music is performed with a ferocious intensity, with equal focus given to toxic hooks and creative madness. Damokles consists of veterans from the Oslo underground, bands such as This Sect, Kite, Dunderbeist, Endtimers, Contrarian, Melkeveien, etc.