Escape Artist Lovers has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Punctiation’. Following their last single ‘Hey Motherf*cker’, you would think their would be no place but down, especially with a titled like that. But nooooo, we get a retro-style video and single fit for the heydays of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’.

Slightly gritty, slightly pristine, a consistent buildup of a hook for the original alt-fans from days past with modern tinge and a lazy anthemic style for the slackers in us all.

About Escape Artist Lovers

Rain Phoenix and Kirk Hellie have been in each other’s orbits for over a decade, but only started writing together as a unit recently when they formed the group Escape Artist Lovers. The pair pulled inspiration from their colorful pasts – as well as their extensive record collections – to build on their new vision. The result is solid, honest, and bittersweet rock music.

Leading up to their partnership, the two have flourished in their extensive backgrounds in the industry. Since the 1990s, Kirk has been a sideman for the likes of Steve Jones and Glenn Branca, collaborated with various artists including Atticus Ross, Jehnny Beth, and Mogwai, and has fronted his own bands. As for Rain, she grew up awash in the arts. Starting out with her brother River in Aleka’s Attic, she has collaborated, toured, or worked with artists ranging from Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) and Gus Van Sant, to the much underrated Alternative Tentacles band, The Causey Way, then went on to front her own bands, before making her first solo record ‘River’, produced and co-written by Hellie.

Escape Artist Lovers’ reverence for their musical heroes might be easy to take for granted. Not everybody opened for Sonic Youth on their 18th birthday or has been a much sought out sideman within the Los Angeles music scene. But for the two artists, it’s impossible to deny their roots. The result is less a recreation of ‘70s Laurel Canyon, ‘80s Paisley Underground, ’90s alt songcraft and sonic exploration, and more of a continuation. Hellie and Phoenix aren’t operating in the shadow of history, they’re basking in its sunlight.