1. La Giostra Granato 4:32

Granato has released their new single titled ‘La Giostra’. The second single from their ‘Canzoni Per Giovani Adulti’ album.

Given the laid back vibe and an electronically smooth sense of self, ‘La Giostra’ is a song that transcends language with its swagger and presents a world-weathered tinge to the cool.

About Granato

After releasing “La camera di viola”, a new wave song aimed to pop and dance, Granato is back with a new song from their soon to be published album “Canzoni per giovani adulti”: “La Giostra”.

This time the duo formed by Francesco Bianco (voice, guitar, and electronics) and Alessandro Cicala (chitarre) bring us closer to rock territories, without abandoning the new wave and electronic sounds which characterize their music:

““La giostra” was a very demanding piece: we worked hard to combine the music, the instrumental arrangement, and the text. There were many versions of the piece with different notes and words than the ones we finally decided on. Francesco wrote the text, while the chord progression came from an idea of Alessandro’s. With Dario (Giuffrida) we then found the final form and sound of the song: rock with an electronic atmosphere”.

As usual for them, the song’s themes are social and political; while “Europe” was a reflection on the political, social and economic unbalances of our society, “La giostra”, just like “La camera di Vola”, is a further analysis of our consumer society where individuals become mere spectators of other people’s decisions, dictated by market logic.

““La giostra” illustrates a consideration on how each moment of our existence is pervaded by the market. Even your cookies, as the text says, are practically always cookies of a brand. The protagonist of the song manifests the mental and spiritual absence of an average person, who is not very different from us: on a couch facing the TV he looks from the outside at the privatized world that does not belong to him; with a click he expresses his vote and this is enough for him”.

Dario Giuffrida, former drummer of the band, worked on the musical arrangement and did the mixing and the mastering of the song.

“La giostra”, coming out with Aventino Music, anticipates the album “Canzoni per giovani adulti”, the second studio work of the band after the album “Corrente”, which came out in 2018 with Kappabit Music.

““Canzoni per adulti” will come out in a few months. “La giostra” will be one of its eight pieces. Each of these eight pieces will have its own strong personality. But before the album comes out, there will be time for other singles. Don’t miss them!”.