1. An Interview With Hegarty Jammerzine Exclusive 22:05

Bands and artists that work hard can always achieve some level of success. Whether it be getting a lot of exposure or releasing good songs. Hegarty is a band that does both through sheer hard work and perseverance. Today we talk to Hegarty frontman David Hegarty and Chris McKeown, bassist about their new album ‘Selling Your Soul To Sanity’ and how they keep their song quality so consistent as well as the past, present, and future.

About Hegarty
Hegarty was formed in 2014 when David Hegarty, Waka Stafford, and Chris McKeown decided to record a few songs they had been working on together. Igga Cousins then joined and soon after recruited Alex Tweedle along the way to make our lineup complete and it hasn’t changed much since. Things have gone really well for us so far and we’ve had a fair bit of airplay on many radio stations including local Liverpool stations, going national in Scotland and even international in USA and France.Our debut album is now complete and new single “I only dream” was recently released with

You can keep up to date with our quest to reunite the world with its love of guitar-based music and our gig announcements via our Facebook page and here on our site hegarty.rocks.

As working-class lads from Bootle, we’ve loved gigging around our hometown of Liverpool and wish to thank our ever growing following for the positive feedback, support, and reviews they give us at every gig.