Kenneth Cash has today released his new single titled ‘Patience’. What makes this song original from that first note is the fact that you can instantly hear Kenneth’s roots. The time spent living in NYC and Dallas have really shown in his music. Combine that with his smooth voice and you have something big here. His voice has that almost saxophone quality. And, what I mean by that, is that he shows in this song that his voice can change timbre and retain that soul and meaning behind every word. This, to me, is the sign of multi-talent.

That rare breed of artist that studies everything they love about music and melts that into their emotion and what the song is about. Actors do this. Well, convincing ones anyway. This is also what makes the music so layered and deep. Becoming the bed the meaning and lyrics rest on. And this voice tucks that all in nicely.

About Kenneth Cash

Born Tairice K. Cash, Kenneth spent a majority of his childhood in two different ends of the country. Brooklyn, NY and Dallas, TX. The move from Brooklyn to Dallas was a culture shock for Kenneth, going from Timberlands & Jordans to Polos and Boat Shoes. The people spoke differently, the weather felt different, but most of all, the music hit differently.

His time in Texas lasted from middle school to his sophomore year in high school, which was unexpectedly cut short when his family decided to move back to NY. The sudden change, along with family troubles and lack of direction forced Kenneth into a depression. A depression that he would later find out to be a necessary evil.

There was no outlet to express how he was feeling, until on his 16th birthday, he decided to focus all of his energy on the thing he loved the most: music. After receiving a laptop for his birthday and downloading a cracked version of fruity loops, he had his mind set on becoming the best producer he could be, with no intention on being an artist.

Now living at his grandmother’s house in the basement, Kenneth spent hours after school making beats. Often staying up until the next day without realizing it. This growing obsession along with his newfound issues lead to further isolation. No longer making new friends or going out to events. This was the gift and the curse, as he used his lowest points in life to his advantage.

During his senior year in high school, Kenneth decided to buy an MXL v250. His first microphone ever. After a few attempts at making songs, a new obsession quickly emerged, going from concepts, to rough drafts, to full songs. With no musical background or vocal training, Kenneth never claimed to be a singer or rapper, but more of an ‘expressionist’.

After high school came Clark Atlanta University, where he spent the next two years. In those two years, Kenneth was a part of a music group and found himself getting buzz around campus. Unfortunately, after one too many fallouts the group decided to split and pursue solo careers. Kenneth then moved back to Brooklyn shortly after and this is where his story finally begins.