Nolo Grace has today released her new video for the single titled ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’. That smooth soul and urban vibe enhance that angelic yet weathered voice that Nola must have been naturally born with. Catchy in all of the right places with a memorable hook within the alt-pop setting that the song comfortably resides in.

A song and video that tells a story about evolving into what you want to be and need to become, ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ is but the latest chapter in the career of a creative musician on the rise, both personally and professionally.

About Nolo Grace

Nolo Grace is a Korean-American artist/producer that made her debut with “Wake Up,” featuring Sean Kingston. A native New Yorker, she moved to Los Angeles in 2017 after living around the world as a digital nomad. Drawing on pop, R&B, hip hop, and experimental genres, Nolo Grace has crafted her own signature form of dreamy electronic alt-pop. Her latest single, ‘Miss Perfect,’ is a celebration of individuality and female empowerment, taking inspiration from her 5-year journey of transforming her life and rejecting past expectations to formulate a new path.

She draws inspiration from a range of sources, from sampling the sounds of everyday life to the Western canon of music, Top 40 radio, and time spent in 40+ countries. Her sound is hypnotic and current—a layer of atmospheric synths, vocal pads, and punchy drums.

She often approaches music like a child, starting tracks spontaneously using her own voice. Her catchy melodies serve up thought-provoking lyrics about personal growth. Nolo Grace grew up playing piano and traveling around the world performing in choirs. Growing up the child of Korean immigrants in a stormy and violent home, security was always an issue, and music became a source of trauma. She left home at 14 for boarding school and established a business career as an executive on Wall Street and in tech before hitting a breaking point. Discovering music production completely changed her life and relationships.

She married music producer Martin Wave / Lars Martin in 2020. Through their relationship and in quarantine, they learned to express and embrace their own voices, gaining clarity into themselves as individuals, creators, and a creative couple.