1. Locals The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  2. Flaming Car The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  3. Seeds The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  4. No Ghosts In Blackrod The Jesus Bolt 1:05
  5. The Kid Got Electric The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  6. The Builder The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  7. A Suitable Disguise The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  8. Carl’s Moth The Jesus Bolt 1:04
  9. Bright Burning The Jesus Bolt 1:05
  10. Catherine De Medici The Jesus Bolt 1:05

The Jesus Bolt has today released their new collaboration titled ‘The Kid Got Electric’. The album is a testament to the duo that is Hazel Winter and Gerard Starkie. Their styles and musicianship blend with a magic and diversity all their own. That unique melding of lo-fi, alt rock, guitar, and even rap all seem to fit, even though my mind is till telling me they shouldn’t. But they do. So Jesus just told me to open my mind. And I will. I will because I have an addiction to greatness.

About The Jesus Bolt

The Jesus Bolt are Hazel Winter and Gerard Starkie.

Hazel Winter, described by Q Magazine as “The West Country’s first lady of noir-ish guitar blues” and Louder Than War, as “…a low-fi genius being intermittently possessed by the spirits of Victoria Wood and Ian Dury”, played guitar for The Blue Aeroplanes in the early 90’s and has since released a string of albums, produced numerous videos and published her first book of poetry, “I’m Scared Of The Pig On The City Farm” in Dec 2018.

When Gerard Starkie’s band Witness released their first of two albums on Island Records in 1999, The Times described his vocals as : “imbued with that nebulous quality of soul, fragile, sensitive and exuding a dignified stoicism doubtless born of experience.”

Starkie has gone on to release two solo albums and toured extensively as guitarist in The Blue Aeroplanes from 2006 to 2017.

Together as The Jesus Bolt, they have released two EP’s: Error and Industry and That Unwanted Present and have now completed work on their debut album ‘The Kid Got Electric’ which is out 3rd December.