1. Law of Resistance Kerosene Stars 4:03
  2. Get Up Kerosene Stars 3:38

Kerosene Stars has released their new double single titled ‘Law of Resistance’ and ‘Get Up’. Gritty pop with snappy attitude, Kerosene Stars shows their creative diversity with two singles that are bookends to both their creativity and their overall style. I really wish more bands would release double singles. They are true gateway drugs to discovering the artist.

With this latest set I hear influences from The Replacements, Stone Roses, and pretty much everything else that inspired me in my younger days. Songs that are as endearing as they are quirky, Kerosene Stars will add audio invigoration to any playlist.

About Kerosene Stars

Kerosene Stars is an American power pop band formed in Chicago, Illinois. The group is composed of Scott Schaafsma (bass, vocals), Andy Seagram (guitars, backing vocals), Jim Adair (drums), and Tom Sorich (percussion).

The band has a steady stream of releases beginning with a self-titled debut in 2014, “Burn the Evidence” in 2016, with their newest endeavor being bi-monthly releases of A/B side digital singles throughout 2021 beginning with “Where Have You Been/Don’t Pass Me By” and “Law of Resistance/Get up”.

While the band can at times seem to skate around various genres, their primary influences include everything from Elvis Costello to REM to tinges of Clash, Stone Roses and Big Star.