The rapper known as Kid Dray has released his latest single, “Gear Up.” The track was produced by popular hip-hop producer Purple Neezy, of Russia. It has been proudly published on the Cool Base Records independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music infrastructure. “Gear Up” is the first single to be showcased from Dray’s up-and-coming mixtape, “The Freeway.” A drop date of November, 2014 has been rumored for “The Freeway,” though Cool Base has announced no official day of release. Upbeat, slick, and driven by cracking back beats and cleverly crafted rhymes,

“Gear Up” does as fine a job at showcasing the skills of Kid Dray as it does the talents of Purple Neezy.

Kid Dray cites as main artistic influences J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, and Drake. His style takes many of the best attributes of these artists and adds to them to a dynamic delivery on the mic that is all his own. Born in Africa, Dray raps with all the laid-back confidence of the American west coast as well as with the casual aggression of the east. Add to this the key elements of Purple Neezy’s dirty-south sound and a general idea of the “Gear Up” experience can be imagined.

Speaking of the themes in his “Gear Up” single and impending “Freeway” record, Dray writes, “My album speaks to those oriented in the new world and what it’s all about, letting the young know they are the future and also addressing the third worlds, what they represent, and respecting their lineage.”

Only 19 years old, Kid Dray’s debut single “My Drank” hit online shelves as recent as February, 2014. It notably featured the Los Angeles rap hero, Ace B. “My Drank” obtained widespread public and college radio airtime and garnered positive reviews in every locale in which it was played.

Dray’s official bio closes with the mission statement: “Kid Dray’s music aims to make musical messages from the third worlds affect the rest of the world. Kid Dray is an artist, not just with the aim of blowing up and making money from huge sales and fame, but aiming also to put his style as a signature on the music scene and to inspire youngsters about life and the future.”

“Gear Up” by Kid Dray is available online worldwide.