1. Mr. Tax Man Marooned 3:31

Marooned is set to drop their new single titled ‘Mr. Tax Man’ on June 18th. Somewhat of a retro style not withstanding, I would say that this track captures the mood and feel of the current times, or, at least my current mood. That raggedy gritty care no mind swagger with a touch of rock riff thrown in for measure. Work it to the bone, as the song says. The hook drops like a bomb and the rowdiness is around the edges. This was what I needed today.

About Marooned

Marooned, a bluesy Rock 4 piece from the Northwest of England consisting of Kev Miller on lead vocals and guitar, Andy Webster on guitar and backing vocals, Dom Ogden on bass and Matt Hilditch on the drums.

Formed in 2010 by Kev in the streets of Kirkby, Liverpool, Marooned’s music gives a gritty view on Kev’s life and experiences so far from homlessness, moving to a new town alone and working 24 hour shifts just to pay the bills.

Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and Queens of the Stone Age, Marooned mix relatable lyrics, driving bass and drums and tons of solid guitar riffs. The band has evolved over the years with Kev recruiting the best of the best to shape his vision for the sound of Marooned. Having music featured on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks and used on British Airways playlists, it is time for Marooned to make their move on the world’s stage.

Kev Miller – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Andy Webster – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Dom ‘Chokeslam’ Ogden – Bass
Matt Hilditch – Drums

Andy Kirwin

“Apart from the great tunes they have, these lads are one of my favourite bunch I have put on in the last twenty years. Unpredictable and that’s just how it should be when playing live”

Amanda Sambor
“High energy, explosive, comedic gang of lads that aren’t just amazing music and sound creators …. they don’t make millennial bands like this no more … clean out your ears, you wanna hear these guys !”