1. I Go To Sleep Rosemary Loves a Blackberry 3:33

Rosemary Loves a Blackberry has released her new single, a cover of Ray Davies’ ‘I Go to Sleep’. Haunting and dark, kind of like a golden era Tim Burton film, and highlighted by Diana Burkot’s signature falsetto, ‘I Go to Sleep’ is not a remake but a rebuild of a classic song into a completely no piece of music. A quasi fairy tale melded and molded for the modern age of music where a style for the decade still needs to be defined. Could this be it? It should be.

About Rosemary Loves a Blackberry

rosemary loves a blackberry is the interdisciplinary solo project of Moscow-based Diana Burkot, focused on music and music-related research forgoing any formal or stylistic limitations.

Burkot graduated from the Moscow College of Improvised Music, specializing in drums and percussion and Rodchenko Art School where she studied video-art and installations. The latter of which has led to her participation in numerous exhibitions with music videos, sound installations and related performances.

Burkot first gained recognition as the drummer for female noise-rock trio Fanny Kaplan. Having always been interested in both music and the visual arts, she videotapes her daily life and directs abstract short films. These films are often then scored with the music from her project, rosemary loves a blackberry.

Burkot’s sound is raw and touching, lush with cold waves of melodies that churn with drama and anticipation. All crowned with her sparkling, signature high-pitched vocals.