Los Angeles’ indie psych-rock outfit Tombstones in Their Eyes have dropped their new single titled ‘Silhouette’. The track is an absolute audio bomb being submerged in glorious noise and distortion while graciously chugging along with dissonant melodies and dirty pleasures culminating into pure sonic bliss via a sea of layered guitars and haunting vocals. ‘Silhouette’ is a drug administered through the speakers.

About Tombstones In Their Eyes
Los Angeles’ indie psych-rock outfit Tombstones in Their Eyes have announced their new ‘Nothing Here’ EP, previewing the lead track ‘Silhouette’ ahead of this. Tombstones create walls of sound that are simultaneously sonorous and hazy. These are cavernous, stoner lullabies that descend into post-rock soundscapes and are wrapped in dark shoegazing dreamscapes.

Recorded at L.A.’s Kitten Robot Studio with Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, The Deadbeats, The Screamers, 45 Grave), this new release follows up several critically acclaimed releases: their ‘Shutting Down’ single and ‘Fear’ EP. Earlier they released their huge sounding ‘Bad Clouds’ EP (2016), and debut album ‘Sleep Forever’ (2014).

“Silhouette was created one lonely night in the basement recording studio. It’s a song about losing yourself. The catharsis is in the creation of the song and the release of the painful feelings,” says frontman John Treanor. “In its three songs, this EP incorporates the Tombstones sound, even though the songs do not follow the same recipe and include a morose rocker, a shaking blues, and a soundscape.”

Tombstones in Their Eyes create music laced with celestial grandeur and a fuzzed out psychedelic majesty that looks out into the universe just as much as it looks inward toward the soul.

With musical influences including The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Elliott Smith, and The Melvins, the four-piece sound embraces a wide range of genres – from the stoner rock of Kyuss to the warped neo-psychedelia of Spacemen 3 to the cavernous and doom-laden sounds of Electric Wizard and beyond.

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Tombstones In Their Eyes’ current line-up is John Treanor (guitar, vocals, keyboards, songwriter), Josh Drew (guitar, backing vocals), Mike Mason (bass, guitar) and Stephen Striegel (drums). The band initially began as a demo swapping exercise between John Treanor in L.A. and his childhood friend James Cooper, now in New York, but soon coalesced into a full-fledged band. For John, writing and performing songs is also a way of dealing with severe anxiety and depression, a way of talking about the subject without being the center of the conversation, and a way of being subliminal rather than direct.

Tombstones In Their Eyes ‘Nothing Here’ will be available on August 24 via online music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify. Already now it can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

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