Rockabilly and metal are not something I ever really thought of when it comes to blending genres. But, in the case of Los Angeles’ own Calling Kings, it fucking works! I mean really works. This is a foot-stomper-ass kicker if I ever heard one. And the subject matter is oh-so-ever appropriate hear in the midst of the long-needed #metoo movement.

Vocalist/guitarist CJ Hockenbury takes the Brian Setzer, Eddie Cochran, and Duane Eddy attitudes and runs them straight through a Rectifier and really gives the MESA its boogie!

Welcome to the next generation of music.

About Calling Kings
Rockabilly metal band Calling Kings has released a new music video for their single “Demon Suit,” a galloping tune that questions the darker side of the entertainment industry. The Los Angeles trio keeps the track thumping with an upright bass and a wall of razor-like guitar licks.

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“This song is about how the entertainment industry will often advantage of artists, vocalist/guitarist CJ Hockenbury. “When I was starting to get a handle on my musical career, I worked with a few ‘sinister’ people and I feel like the ‘Demon Suit’ is just the embodiment of everything I’ve seen and heard.”

Featured image by Leire Baztarrica.