French Shoegaze band Dead Horse One return with the release of their new album titled ‘The West is the Best. Once again teaming up with RIDE‘s Mark Gardener and John Loring (Fleeting Joys),  the album really starts off steadfast and strong with ‘Echo Street’ and flows through each track’s originality in a way that you can sense the creativity that must have been throughout the writing and recording process. What really sticks out, in my opinion, is the way Dead Horse One shows the way they can change the mood in the room with each track while keeping that signature sound that is Dead Horse One. This, to me, is most prominent when ‘Falling’ kicks in. The acoustic guitar intro is simply beautiful, yet, the real magic begins with the grit and grime of the electric side with a dissonant and lucid set of harmonies floating just above with a slightly but purposely offkey chord progression that adds a real artistic tension within the track.

‘The West is the Best’ is out now. Get your copy HERE.

About Dead Horse One

Dead Horse One is a band that features early 90’s shoegaze mixed with the quarrelsome-guitar punch of mid-90’s post-grunge.