Righteous Reprobates have given us the privilege to show you the new video for their latest track titled “Scarlet Sky”. And one look at the video is to know just how much of a privilege this is to show you this. The song is everything the new indie needs to be. Rough, raw, catchy, lush, and hard hitting. The song evokes the spirits of many of the essential classics from Oasis to The Smithereens. Very guitar-centric in its delivery, “Scarlet Sky” takes the listener on a groove-heavy journey with every note and flat out tells you to see Righteous Reprobates on stage, because that’s where they belong.

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About Righteous Reprobates
Righteous Reprobates are a four piece Indie Rock Band based in London and Kent. Citing major influences such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Beatles and Led Zepplin, what makes this band stand out from the crowd is that all four of them are impressive musicians, and are armed with great songs, that cry out to be sung in stadiums and festival the world over.

The band have already had some healthy reviews and radio play – Pure M stating ‘This is a band with plenty of potential’. The band has been making a buzz on the live circuit too, with promoters & bookers frequently putting forward dates and offering them the headline slot on their bills, and they’ve even been given a tasty headline slot at 93 Feet East this July. Righteous Reprobates seem to be emphatically heading towards being one of the very best of the bands on the British music scene today: great tunes delivered by a band that truly impresses and cries out to be heard.

SOURCE: Official Bio