Tarah Who? has done what I have always thought bands should do at some point in their career; make a documentary. ‘How it All Began’ is a documentary split into three parts that cover different aspects of the trials and tribulations of moving to the United States and making it in the music industry.

Set up as a video diary of sorts, the series utilizes on-location filming as well as personal reflections from Tarah combined with performance, rehearsal, and traveling footage that really gives the viewer a sense of what it is like on the road and in the life.

“Touring as an independent band as much as an adventure as it as is not as glamorous as one might think…”
– Joey Southern

The docu-series follows the Los Angeles based independent power trio Tarah Who? on their journey to pursue their dream and musical achievements. From moving to the US and to Los Angeles specifically, to meeting musicians, and showing what it is to be an independent band, and a woman who plays loud music in today’s music industry.

About Tarah Who?
Tarah Who? Well, “she” equals “they,” and “they’re” a band masterminded by grunge-punk sage Tarah Carpenter, a firebrand frontwoman who channels explosive emotionality into rousing anthems.

“I’m really sensitive to things that happen around me, and I love studying psychology and human behavior,” Tarah shares. “When I write, I seek to process personal stories and news stories through these perspectives, but in a way, that’s relatable to everyone.”

Tarah exudes spiritual centeredness that is poetically aligned to the origins of her name. The name “Tara” in Buddhist lore refers to the “mother of liberation,” an apt archetypal reference for such a strong and shamanistic female artist.

Tarah Who? recalls 1990s alt-rock and grunge’s tradition of balancing integrity with tuneful songcraft. Entries in the Tarah Who? oeuvre sit nicely alongside Alanis Morissette, Foo fighters, The Distillers, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Spinnerette.

Tarah Who? is a power trio in every sense of the phrase, bonded together by the telepathic musical interplay and profound interpersonal connections. In addition to Tarah, the three-piece band also features bassist/backing vocalist Joey Southern and drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé. Previously, Tarah Who? has released two full-lengths, two EPs, and one single of raw punky rock n’ roll. The band’s output has garnered plaudits and earned feature-story coverage from GIG Radar, Kill The Music, La Grosse Radio, Loud Stuff, Moshville, Music Connection, Muzak, and The Ring Master, among other outlets.

It’s a remarkable feat for an unsigned band to make such waves in the biz, but Tarah Who?’s incendiary live shows and snarling sing-alongs are hard to ignore.

Tarah was born in France and began smashing away at the drums at just 14, ignoring those around her who suggested she try her hand at a more “ladylike” musical pursuit. Willful, and somewhat stubborn, she honed her chops, forged her own creative path, and branched out to bass, guitar, singing, songwriting, and producing.

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After a fateful move to Los Angeles, Tarah made her solo debut as Tarah Who? at a warehouse party. It was a gig she found on Craigslist, and it proved to be the perfect opportunity to share the songs she had been writing privately. After the gig was well-received, Tarah decided to form a band to enhance and support her songs.

Up next, the trio is roaring to get back into the studio. The band is fired up, inspired, and tighter as friends and musicians.

SOURCE: Official Bio