Tarah Who? have released their latest single and video titled ‘Fresh Meat Rockstars’ from their upcoming album ‘The Collaboration Project’, dropping on April 28, 2023 via M & O Music.

Layers upon layers of rock, rage, and attitude, we get a patinaed Tarah Who? via documented footage that captures the essence and presence of a band that refuses to leave the top of their game. Pure signature. Divinity within the dirt. Such a set of paradoxes to see in a band of any kind in this day and age because I don’t hear that ‘assembly line’ production and sound. I hear heart. I hear feeling. I see talent. I see that drive and hunger that made some of the now legends of the game.

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About ‘Fresh Meat Rockstars’

Tarah Who? always has a song with a message, like her new single and video for, “Fresh Meat Rockstars”. The single features Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals, guitar, backing vocals, bass, drums) and Jason Orme (guitar).

Carpenter says, ‘“Fresh Meat Rockstars” is about the relationship between bands. The past few months we have toured a lot and met all types of artists on festivals and on the road. Some of those musicians are a lot younger than us now and there are others who have had a lot more experience than us. Regardless, we all learn from each other because our journey is completely different. Yet, sometimes, some of those bands feel threatened, or have some type of “rockstar” attitude, forgetting that we have all started somewhere, and that, nothing is permanent, especially a career in the entertainment industry.”

The music video for “Fresh Meat Rockstars” is a simple compilation of footage from the band member’s phones and one of their shows in Berlin, with the intention is to show the vibe and energy that goes behind the scenes of their tour.

“Fresh Meat Rockstars” was produced by Tarah G. Carpenter, Jason Orme and Norm Block. Recorded and mixed by Norm Block.