Tarah Who? has dropped their new video for the single titled ‘Manners’. This time around the dynamic duo named Tarah Who? drop the speed a bit and give a gritty yet melodic performance in a song that shows a possible new direction for the band. The Los Angeles backdrop lends to the look and feel of the song and gives an almost sublimely guttural sigh within the music and the meaning. Brilliant.

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About ‘Manners’

Tarah Who?, the L.A. based grunge-punk powerhouse duo fronted by Tarah Carpenter, writes emotionally charged and thought provoking songs, as well as in your face videos. This includes their latest single and video “Manners” out 19th February 2021, it’s a kick- ass track..Fueled with Tarah Who?’s energy, fire & balls out appeal..

Tarah Who? is

  • Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals/guitar)
  • Coralie Hervé (drums/backing vocals).

Tarah Says about ‘Manners’

‘My Mom was abandoned as a child and raised by nuns who were really strict. I have always thought that mom had a really big heart, She always puts herself last and tries to understand everyone, which is a real strength, It occured to me one day that she was taught to be a good citizen, with good manners, but no one really cared for her. As a parent would. Affectionate, Loving, Because of that, sometimes there is miscommunication. She is taken as cold, while she was just doing the ‘Right Thing’, or at least what has been taught. I don’t think that loving or caring for a stranger 9 regardless of their ethnicity, race, sexuality or religion) has to be taught from a book, asifit was an instruction manual of how to treat people.. I believe that we are all born kind and loving and that education is very important because with ignorance comes judgement and fear without reason.