Tiger Kid (aka Michael Canton) releases his new video for the track titled ‘Ever On’. Like a guitar hero with a purpose, Tiger Kid gives virtuosity a melodic hook and gives the guitar make to the masses with thick and heavy chords mixed with pop-rock style songwriting to present a fusion of dissonance and accessibility.

About ‘Ever On’

Tiger Kid is back with the follow-up to his cover of “Square Hammer” by Ghost with the video for his catchy melodic rock song, “Ever On”. Tiger Kid is the Los Angeles-based solo project and the brainchild of vocalist/instrumentalist Michael Canton.

Tiger Kid says about the “Ever On” video, “I wanted to make a video that showed the inner workings of my brain during the writing and recording of the Tiger Kid EP. We used many reference songs during the mixing stage, and it was there that I saw how many people and bands influenced these particular songs and my writing overall.” He continues, “When we decided to put a video out for “Ever On”, I wanted there to be a play between the solitary nature of this project and the influences that led me here and pop out occasionally once the music starts. We all channel our influences when we perform, whether we know it or not.”

“Ever On” video was shot in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. and directed by Oliver Filippo.

About Tiger Kid

Tiger Kid is a solo project and the brainchild of Vocalist/Instrumentalist Michael Canton. Tiger Kid combines the music of throwback Melodic Hard Rock with lyrics that focus on aggressive self-affirmations, dealing with everything from anxiety, to unrealized potential, to our place in the universe and our right to be here.

Inspired by bands such as Foo Fighter, Queens of the Stone Age, Coheed and Cambria, and many others, Tiger Kid brings back the anthemic Rock that we all grew up listening to on our favorite radio stations in the late 90s/early 2000s. Heavy, but not over the top, hooks that get stuck in your brain, and lyrics that help you attack each day, secure in the knowledge that you can take on anything.

We’re bigger than the situations we find ourselves in, and stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder of our own power.