Janna Jamison has released her new video for the song titled ‘Invitation To A Beheading’. Somewhat of a vivid cross between Wes Anderson and Marie Antoinette, the video becomes a beautiful anthesis to the song. And the song itself is a beautiful blend of Janna’s songwriting, signing, and musicianship. As I learned watching her exclusive interview with Sophia Ciravolo, Janna is an artist with a vision and a headful of originality waiting to be brought forth. And those are the artists that last.

Check out Janna’s links below because her new EP drops this August!

About Janna Jamison

Janna Jamison is a 21 year old singer-songwriter currently living in Los Angeles, CA. She began writing songs when she was around 6 years old and was originally inspired to cry and write about her feelings by the likes of Taylor Swift. Jamison later became extremely fond of early 2000’s emo music with bands like All Time Low and Mayday Parade, who have all inspired her love for storytelling and yelling into the microphone.

About ‘Invitation To A Beheading’

‘Invitation To A Beheading’ was a song inspired by the book Invitation to a Beheading written by Vladmir Nobokov. It is a warning to all people who try to pursue me romantically, and the mess that they are getting themselves into.

About the Video

Treatment written & directed by my long-term best friend Leyana Montano & shot and edited by her partner Cameron Poletti, the Invitation to a Beheading video is meant to transport the listener into a gaudy version of my mind where I am a Marie Antoinette type figure who seduces 3 guests at a tea party only for them to find out that the extended invitation is actually to a beheading.