Haley Harkin has today released her new album titled ‘To Heal Her’. An almost old school style, or stylings, of golden era folk with the penchant for modern songwriting is what gives ‘To Heal Her’ that modern flair and appeal. It also gives the album a solid foundation to listen to from start to finish. That’s the best way to get the full message of what Haley is trying to convey. And that message may be different to every listener, but overall, its a musician who cares about her music for the right reasons.

About ‘To Heal Her’

This collection of 7 heartfelt records paints a colorful picture capturing the full scope of Harkin’s journey inward; the album gives fans a deeper insight into the artist’s experience getting reacquainted with her true nature while she examines herself through honest eyes.

To Heal Her fearlessly dives head first into the highs and lows of self-discovery, and embraces truth with wisdom, beauty, and elegance. Harkin caresses her raw lyricism in the comforting warmth of acoustic, strings led soundscapes throughout the album; from bright acoustic guitar, to decadent orchestral strings, to playful banjo, the simplicity of these arrangements allows the music’s inherent beauty to shine through with an unfiltered brilliance. Listeners can expect to hear influences from artists like Rising Appalachia, Fia, and Ayla Nereo in Harkin’s work.

For Harkin, To Heal Her is the artist’s most vulnerable release to date. It represents a direct translation of her inward journey over the past 3-4 years in which she pursued self-empowerment and liberation. From the ethereal introduction on “All Things Grow,” to the heartfelt poetry on “My Love For You,” to the meticulously crafted, textured soundscape on “Vine Of Light,” Harkin effortlessly creates a vibrant world for her stories to come alive exactly how she intended. ‘To Heal Her’ is an album calling to free spirits and folk lovers with open minds and hearts looking to embrace a brighter future.

About Haley Harkin

Haley was born and raised in Austin, Tx, and is currently residing in Colorado. Surrounded by music most of her life, her roots are in folk, while pushing the edges of creativity. She has described her style as folk medicine music. Others have said her music feels like, ‘bare feet on grass’. Her lyrics express her love for nature, humanity, and her desire to make change. With her sultry sounds and sweet words she will surely touch your heart.