1. Anything Else, But Heidi Serwer 0:30
  2. Pine Needles Heidi Serwer 0:30
  3. Paper Flowers Heidi Serwer 0:30
  4. Palm Tree on the Drywall Heidi Serwer 0:30
  5. Configurable Heidi Serwer 0:30
  6. Vitamin D Heidi Serwer 0:30

Heidi Serwer has released her new album titled ‘Palm Tree On The Drywall’. One thing that I’ve learned in reviewing music is that each album, every song, and every video has a personality about it. Sometimes it’s the artist. Sometimes it’s a collaboration.

What I hear in ‘Palm Tree On The Drywall’ is an artist with a quiet way about her yet a strong will within her music. I hear a mother. That is what is beautiful about this. Mothers, to me, means strength. They are weathered and experienced. They’ve heard it and seen it all. These are songs from that perspective. Finding the relevance within the cracks of life. Noticing the little things and acknowledging them as significant. I hear parts of a life in transition. This is what music is.

About Heidi Serwer

A longtime performer at fundraisers, open mics, and parties, Chicago singer-songwriter Heidi Serwer began writing songs after a hiatus from playing music while she played mom to her two young children. She returned to her local Chicago music scene eager to share her stories and the results were startling: instantly memorable melodies, keenly observed situations, and a big-hearted approach to her characters and subjects. Heidi combined this innate songwriting knack with her sweet singing and nimble guitar playing to debut her fresh-sounding EP, Stranger, in 2014.

Heidi has since had two additional record releases, including her most recent Palm Tree on the Drywall in February, 2022. Inspired by Heidi’s deep ties to community music school, The Old Town School of Folk Music, and favorite Chicago band, Wilco, Palm Tree on the Drywall blends storytelling with an indie sensibility. The tracks were written in February, 2021 while under quarantine at home during an exceptionally unforgiving Chicago winter. Heidi partnered with Steve Dawson, Producer and artist (Dolly Varden and Funeral Bonsai Wedding), last summer to make the record out of his Wicker Park, Chicago studio, Kernel Sound Emporium.

About the record, one reviewer wrote, “Serwer’s vocals are intimate as she speaks and whispers her thoughts into your ear. There is a vulnerability to her performance as she releases all the emotions that many of us have felt in the last few years.”

Heidi collaborates with a variety of friends and local musicians, playing local Chicago favorites like The Hideout, Martyrs’, Cubby Bear, Uncommon Ground, and Montrose Saloon. She’s profiled in Esthetic Lens Magazine and featured on Deep Cuts – Sheffield Live! (March 5). You can most often find Heidi performing solo or with her indie rock band, Things That Fly.

The record release show for Palm Tree on the Drywall will be at historic FitzGerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois on Friday, May 6. Heidi’s band, Things That Fly, plans to release their debut record Spring, 2022.