Robert Taira Wilson has officially premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Blackbird’ on Jammerzine. If you read our review of the original track from June, you will get a perspective of our take from the music. The video offers a visual construct of what we said. Introverted. Introspective. Reflective. All of that and more with brilliant sketch style animations with geometric shapes representing bondage and cages that fade through the looking glass showing a better world and an alternative that could be. This is magic.

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About Robert Taira Wilson

Robert Taira Wilson is an English singer-songwriter whose music mixes folk with modern alternative songwriting. He is currently based in Tokyo and, in recent years, has released both solo and collaborative records.

About ‘Blackbird’

Due to the pandemic, I’ve taken the time away from performing to write a body of new material. For every time you may have felt disowned or dislocated, removed or redundant. This song delves deep into that moment and cries out for escape and healing. A departure from my usual sound, the song features an arpeggiated electric guitar in place of the accustomed acoustic. Written and recorded entirely from my home studio “Blackbird” will be my first release since 2019’s ‘Shine Shine Child’ EP.