Inspiration can come in many forms. Whether it be a mentor or a group of friends. It’s always easy to find someone in your life that can help guide you on the right path by simply observing how they live. More and more people are saying that about London indie-pop sensation Robyn Regan. To hear what she’s overcome and walked through and how she did it to get where she is today is simply amazing. As for myself, I can now say that I have a mentor who is younger than me.

Her new single, “Oh I” (listen below) is just the starting round of an illustrious career that will span a lifetime with an angelic voice and a dedicated spirit.

Check out our exclusive interview with Robyn and get her insights on conquering the problems of life and turning them into sweet rewards and what she has planned for the future. Bravo!

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About Robyn Regan:
Growing up in East London, surrounded by rappers like Dizzee Rascal, Robyn Regan is the sensational young singer-songwriter who is not afraid to buck the trend. Her upbeat pop works well against the grain, with a unique sound and spectacular pop vocal that truly stands out from the crowd.

Robyn Regan brings a brand new soft release with “Oh I”, a song about something that everyone can relate to – the big teenage crush!

Robyn’s previous releases have gained high praise from radio stations and critics alike, plus plaudits from an even higher source, with tracks already making the top 10 in the iTunes’ songwriter chart!

She has performed on stage at some of London’s most prestigious venues, including The London Palladium, Her Majesty’s Theatre, The Hackney Empire, The Globe Theatre and The Barbican. Robyn has also been able to pick up performance spots on TV and in advertising, working on a campaign for the British Heart Foundation and appearing on kids TV shows ‘The Crunch’ (Nickelodeon) and ‘Smile’ (CBBC).

This mixture of talented song writing & performance Robyn Regan is set on course to become the Bow Belle of Pop .