Exclusive interviews featuring singer/songwriter Sami Chohfi, solo artist and frontman for The Awakening Ashton Nyte, and social media celebrity Nicole Ciravolo as well as video, single, and album premieres from Fly the Nest, Zenith Volt, CloudRunners, Plastic Barricades, Black Bordello, and Mantis and the Prayer.

About Sami Chohfi

Sami is the type of artist that holds the world in his heart and wears that heart on his sleeve. To listen, in this interview, how and why his songs came to be is not only an inspiration for the musician but a lesson in humanity. I wish more people were like Sami. The world would be a much kinder place. and, in this interview, we get a history and reasoning behind his new single and video titled ‘This Majesty’ (video below) as well as his upcoming album titled ‘Extraordinary World’.


About Ashton Nyte

Ashton Nyte has recently released his album and companion book titled ‘Waiting For A Voice’. This is a wonderful interview, to say the least. More of a conversation, actually. What we get is that voice we’ve all been waiting for. And that voice is the type of voice we need in this day and age. I’m not talking phonetically. I mean spiritually. Musically.

Both the album and book are from the mind of someone who observes and interprets. The songs are the music that sews the heart to the sleeve and the book is a brilliant and compassionate collage of lyrics, poetry, and autobiographical segments. And the result is a medium of solitary substance that, I hope, the listener inherits as much as they ingest.

And what we get today is that deep conversation with Ashton, where we talk about the album and book ‘Waiting For A Voice’ and get in-depth about both an introverted human being giving the world a voice we’ve been needing but also that inspiration that we can use to move forward.

Take a look at what ‘Waiting For A Voice’ is and get a copy HERE.

Check out our other features about Ashton Nyte HERE.


About Nicole Ciravolo

We are mixing it up when it comes to interviews. As you know, normally we interview musicians, but today, we are branching out and have reached out to an internet celebrity in the form of TikTok sensation Nicole Ciravolo. Having already gotten major press from the likes of Buzzfeed (article HERE), Nicole has not only began captivating audiences on the TikTok platform but is someone who is seasoning her resume and honing her craft. Having already gained experience via Second City, Nicole is expanding her experience via the various outlets out there and gaining an audience with her personality, style, and skillsets after having literally conquered TikTok with millions of views and likes while also rapidly approaching a million followers.

And today we get a glimpse of things to come with this exclusive interview with Nicole. We discuss her plan for the future, as well as her take on the state of entertainment in this new era of the pandemic and #metoo and the big secret of how to engage with premium content plus her take on the recent battle between TikTok and the U.S. Government. Enjoy!


About Fly the Nest

Fly the Nest, aka Stephen Cooper, is set to drop his new single titled ‘Wild Ride’. Energetic from the start and passionate throughout, ‘Wild Ride’ is a blossoming track of layered guitars and harmonizing vocals that set the mood and take the stage in ways that harken back to that turn-of-the-century power-pop when rock ruled the world and songwriting mattered.


About Zenith Volt

Zenith Volt has premiered the new single titled ‘Hold On‘ right here on Jammerzine. Starting off as an electronic burst of energy from the first note, this First Listen garners the attention with ecstatic energy and electric harmony in ways that only a true artist can muster. Designed for the dancefloor and mastered for the masses, ‘Hold On’ gives that certain something we all need to erode the isolation and ‘go through the motion’ and lets us ‘hold on to what we got’, which is each other. This is brilliance with bass.


About CloudRunners

CloudRunners have premiered their new song titled ‘The Only One’ right here on Jammerzine. As a bonus, we also get what is becoming rarer and rarer in the days of the pandemic and that is a video. What I get with that initial listen is a cross between the alternative progressiveness in the underground music scene in that wonderful but all-too-short era in music between 1989 and 1991 when we got absolutely original bands such as Live and School of Fish. This band is of that caliber and level in originality and musical personality. The song itself is a well thought out lesson in songwriting with a solid hook and imaginative vocal-harmony intense chorus.

Let CloudRunners be your next favorite artist.


About Plastic Barricades

Plastic Barricades release an acoustic version of their song ‘Tunnel’. The song is one of those types of tracks that really shows it’s true colors when stripped bare and revealed and compared to the original (video below). Plastic Barricades is a band that obviously shines live and let’s hope, for all of our sakes, that those live venues open up soon.


About Black Bordello

Black Bordello have released their eponymous album. A solid fusion of a little of everything from Fusion to vintage show and everything in between but one thing is for sure, this is all Black Bordello. In all of their glory. And this is what I love about #indie music. That unbreaking originality and melding of influences. This is the love of music put to record.


About Mantis and the Prayer

Mantis and the Prayer drop the new EP/Double AA Single titled ‘Murder Ballad and the Blue’. The first track, titled ‘I Know you’, is a sonically diverse yet subtle track with a somber vocal track coupled with layered guitar and an almost light orchestral with cinematic flare. Almost done in a way as to enhance the meaning of the lyrics, ‘I Know You’ is a melancholic soliloquy for the isolated.

‘Go Too Far’, while appearing more upbeat, is just as melancholic in emotion but from a different creative angle. With more of an upbeat demeanor, ‘Go Too Far’ achieves originality with subdued sound effects and an original chord progression that chugs away with the beat.


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