In this episode of The Week in #Indie we feature exclusive interviews with an amazing #indie band called Miss Cantaloupe as well as the dynamic duo known as Pls Pls Me.

Also featured are premieres and new music from MOAT featuring Marty Willson-Piper, Mt. Doubt, Tómas Welding, Arms Of Kismet, John Dhali, Marsela, and Outwave.

About Miss Cantaloupe

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Miss Cantaloupe front-woman Christina Klaproth, aka Princess. What I love, because I was pleasantly surprised, about this interview is the sheer and vivid imagination behind this band of visual virtuosos is the lush and clear world created around the music of Miss Cantaloupe. It’s, how should I say, Cantaloupian.

And, with that said, you too can get a glimpse of this and the music with this exclusive interview with Christina where she discusses the minds behind the music, the vision, the new and upcoming music, and how it all comes together.

We also get a first look at Miss Cantaloupe’s new video for the track titled ‘Sunshine Daydream’. Filmed before the lockdown, ‘Sunshine Daydream’ shows how things will be again with a bright and beautiful travelogue that fits the gorgeous and wonderfully personal video that captures that easygoing and forward-reaching music that is Miss Cantaloupe with a broad array of musical instruments underlying and surrounding that angelic vocal track that is signature.


About Pls Pls Me

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the dynamic duo of electro-pop known as Pls Pls Me. I am so glad we caught this interview on video as well because Jimi Fish and Jessie Torrisi (the minds behind the music) is such a good collaboration that it shows on the video. They have bonded creatively in ways I wish more artists would. Think Ying meeting Yang. You will learn that and more in this interview for sure.

We also get to listen to their new single titled ‘Too Late’ (Spotify below) which is the evidence of what I said above. The track is a slow melodic burn through a marvelous hook that melts the current isolation and hits you in all of the right places in such a good mix that it feels like the music surrounds you. This is a representation of what a new decade can bring.


About MOAT

MOAT has just released their new single titled ‘Gone By Noon’. Comprised of Marty Willson-Piper and Niko Röhlcke, MOAT is a lush and brooding preview of things to come with their upcoming album ‘Poison Stream’, to be released in 2021.

Dark in a signature kind of way, ‘Gone By Noon’, for lack of a better analogy, is a song constructed like a film. I can feel the concept from start to finish and, as do all art with it’s own signature, subtly moves me and conveys emotion with the nuance as much as the music.

The background instrumentation hides in the background yet lend just as much to the ear as do the vocals. And, while everything played in the song has its place, there is enough space left over to fill with your experiences in order to make this song a part of you, and to make this part of the soundtrack that is your life. Listen and hear for yourself.


About Mt. Doubt

Mt. Doubt has released their new single titled ‘Headless’, from their new album ‘Doubtlands’. A beautiful collage of soundscapes and vocal harmonies, ‘Headless’ is a solid track that veers in wild directions while standing still. By that, I mean that the track has a wide range of lush sounds while staying true to its form. Somber and succulent in one take, ‘Headless’ gives that certain something found in only the best tracks that are hard to pin into a genre.

Comprised of a glistening steady guitar-driven chord progression, the song comes to an artful climax with a gritty saxophone and concludes with the listener wanting more.


About Tómas Welding

Tómas Welding is set to drop his upcoming single titled ‘Arcade’ from his upcoming album releasing on November 6. Starting off solid and continuing that original hook throughout, Tómas Welding shows himself to be the consummate songwriter and accomplished artist in ‘Arcade’.

Smooth and with an even flow, ‘Arcade’ will definitely add to the already 5 million streams his music as already garnered and further solidify his name into the new music scene.


About Arms Of Kismet

Arms of Kismet have today premiered their new video and single titled ‘Dreamland’. As if written by a dream the track gives that earnest feels from a group of honest songwriters with a solid hook and ‘glide like’ nature within the chorus that gives that feelgood sound that summer really needed at this moment.

The visuals within the video are both nostalgic and artful without distracting from the song. They had me at the intro! Who could not remember Wolfenstein 3D from 1993!!!! The combination of kaleidoscope and vivid artwork really matches the song not only in rhythm but in reason.


About John Dhali

John Dhali releases his new video for the track titled ‘In Time’. an upbeat video in a downtrodden time, John Dhali lightens the mood with a beacon of hope and harmony with his new song ‘In Time’. Visually, what I get at first look is that a mask can’t hide the heart and a pandemic can’t suppress the soul. And that soul sings with the glee of the moment and the movement of the momentum created by the drive of a musician representing this new decade of individual beauty.


About Marsela

Marsela has released the new video for her single titled ‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’. With an amazing soulful voice and powerful yet subtle beginning, Marsela gives a performance fit for the times with a heart-on-the-sleeve style that captivates all who listen and mesmerizes all who watch.

‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ shows that healing begins with the self through recognition and reflection in such a lush aural landscape that one no longer feels alone and isolated from those with the same experiences. This song is a testament.


About Outwave

Outwave has released their new video for the track titled ‘Moving Tangle’. The song was written to be played live, as that is no more evident in the video. The lock-down hasn’t slowed Outwave down one bit as they outreach to the masses with a better time to come in the form of a solid rock guitar-driven track with a marvelous hook and rock angst in all of the right places.


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