1. Kon Tiki Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  2. Ave Verum Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  3. Sonbahar Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  4. Mowteni Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  5. La Flor Y La Duda Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  6. Mongolisches Pferderennen Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  7. Spirit of One Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  8. Vaterland Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30
  9. Im wunderschoenen Monat Mai Orchester Der Kulturen 0:30

Orchester der Kulture is set to release their new album titled ‘A World Symphony’ tomorrow (May 6th). Spanning the sonic globe and creating something totally new with the combined efforts of each and every member, we get a world dynamic that must be seen live as part of one’s bucket list. ‘A World Symphony’ is something to behold as much as it is to experience.

By creating a score for the world, that world becomes a smaller and friendlier place.

About Orchester Der Kulturen

Founded in Stuttgart in 2010, Orchester der Kulturen are a global collective of multi-talented musicians from many different countries and ethnic backgrounds.

Their aim is musically uniting different cultures, and creating a new and unprecedented listening experience. This way of thinking and playing has given them many opportunities to play all over Europe.

The blending of musical styles in innovative ways creates something that is modern, yet at the same time draws on a wealth of tradition. German hymns carry the same weight as African sounds and Latin American rhythms.

The virtuosity of the musicians and the very special sound of the Orchester der Kulturen makes for a unique listening experience, taking the audience on a fascinating journey, illuminating what is possible when cultures meet on an equal footing.

This album presents both a retrospective of its first 10 years and an insight into what might be on the cards in the future.

Sacred works, such as Adrian Werum’s remarkable reworking of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Ave Verum”, stand side by side with crosscultural symphonic pop songs, such as “Sonbahar” and “Für mein neues Vaterland. Longtime collaborator, Jay Alexander, sets new artistic accents with Robert Schumann’s “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai”. One of the most beautiful voices in contemporary Middle Eastern music, Abeer Nehme, also features as part of the musical di- scoveries to be heard in this collection. Similarly, Mohammad Habbal and the Philharmonia Choir Stuttgart with their fusion of the Arabic hymn, “Mowteni” and Ludvig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

The album was recorded at the Kleine Audio- welt studios in Heidelberg and in the Hans Rosbaud Studio of the SWR broadcasters in Baden-Baden. Mastering was by Christoph Stickel in Vienna. The artistic process combined with state-of-the-art recording has allowed them to deliver a standard above and beyond what they could ever have imagined. The project is definitely “Made in Germany”, but they have made a truly “World Symphony”.

Adrian Werum is a German composer, conductor & pianist who had his breakthrough with Roman Polanski’s musical “Dance of the Vampires” in Vienna. After bringing the show to Broadway, his show “Hollywood Diva” won the “Golden Mask” for the best new Russian musical in Moscow. Numerous television shows in Germany & Austria increased his fame as a leading conductor in the entertainment field. With his “Orchestra of Cultures” Adrian Werum fulfilled his dream of bringing the cultures of the world closer together.

The “Orchestra of Cultures” soon won prestigious awards and topped the German classical music charts several times. The overwhelmingly versatile repertoire of the Orchestra of Cultures under its charismatic conductor ranges from imposing symphonies to sacred works to exciting pop songs.


  • 2013 Manfred-Rommel-Prize
  • 2014 Album „Symphonic Tales of Indonesia“ & Deviana Daudsja
  • 2016 No.1 of the German Classical Charts with „Schön ist die Welt“ & Jay Alexander 2016 World Premiere „Symphony of our Lives“ Musical Theatre with refugees from Syria ,Iraq & Afghanistan
  • 2016 Album „A Crescent Moon illuminates the world“ for Rhimoy Beijing
  • 2018 World Premiere „Misa Latina“ Written by Christian Mejia & Adrian Werum
  • 2018 Top Ten of the German Classical Charts with „Du meine Seele, singe“ & Jay Alexander
  • 2019 Top Ten of the German Classical Charts with „Ein Stern geht auf“ & Jay Alexander 2020 Top Ten of the European Ethno Charts with „Symphony No1 3rd movement“