Natalie Saint-Martin has today released her new video for the single titled ‘2nd Place’. A soundtrack, or anthem, for the downtrodden by life or devalued by proxy, ‘2nd Place’ lets you know that feeling second place does not make you second best.

Shot beautifully to an already stunning song, ‘2nd Place’ gives a haunting rendition to what we have all experienced and, to some of us, currently project onto ourselves. Music is the artist conveying of feelings. This song further proves that by singing a eulogy to that certain place within ourselves that, while never can be truly thwarted, can be put in it’s place and used to feed the betterment of our self worth.

This doubt within us can be used to feed the drive within us and make us better people. Natalie gets it. Do you?

About ‘2nd Place’

Recorded with producer David Holman at his studio in Laurel Canyon, “2nd Place” is part pep-talk, part narration of a decade living in Los Angeles. After making ends meet by working three jobs, Natalie Saint-Martin felt burnt out by life. Envisioning her musical aspirations as more and more of a fleeting dream, Saint-Martin decided to utilize these feelings of hopelessness and self-doubt and put them wholly into her craft.

Inspired by the lyrical storytelling she witnessed in Atlanta’s hip-hop and country music scenes whilst growing up in the city, Natalie Saint-Martin aimed to focus primarily on one narrative during the writing process: no matter how many times you’ve felt like you’re meant to stay the runner up in life, you are always allowed to be 1st Place in your heart.

Speaking on the new track, Saint-Martin writes: “2nd Place was written about being doubted by everyone in my life at the time. Feeling runner up at my job, in my music career, more particularly when I was alone in my dormant thoughts. After endless months of self-doubt and fear, it forced me down two terrifying, tornado filled roads. Believe the people that know nothing about you, or believe in the person you have always dreamt of being. Fear will always coexist. The orchestra is our resilient hearts, our creative minds and our hard work. Yes, fear exists but it is not the conductor. 2nd Place is a reminder to myself, and hopefully to you that despite what anyone else says. You’re allowed to be in 1st Place.”

For the “2nd Place” music video, Natalie Saint-Martin wanted a literal interpretation of the delicate balance that her life in Los Angeles conveys.

Speaking to this concept and the execution, Saint-Martin writes: “The concept for the video was to be “floating” from a bridge, to convey the feeling of trying to stay afloat in the ocean with house sized waves above you.”

“To capture the way Murphy’s Law swings at us when we think we have nothing left. It really was a struggle though. I was hanging under that bridge with a gargantuan, cartoon-like, wedgie from the harness holding me up. So ridiculous and hilarious all you can do is laugh that the DIY process of it all was the most rewarding part, now looking back. I chose this song because we all feel this way at some point in our lives, and it felt like it was the most appropriate way to begin the release of all the music we’ve made the last two years.”

About Natalie Saint-Martin

Natalie Saint-Martin is a singer, lyricist, composer, and pianist based out of Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Natalie’s roots for singing were first nurtured in musical theater at the young age of 4. A self-taught pianist with a modern day hunger for the stage, she is eclectic, mysterious, versatile and powerful. Natalie weaves an elegant balance of relatable emotion, hardcore reality and tender fantasy into her vast catalogue of music. Drawing inspiration from her own journey and the harsh realities of life, Natalie’s energy overflows onto the listener with a sonic palette comparable to Halsey, Billie Eilish, John Prine, Amy Winehouse and Regina Spektor.

She released her debut Wish You Well in 2018, which garnered over 30,000 streams across various DSPs within 10 days of release. “2nd Place” follows Wish You Well as well as 2019’s “PERSONALITY” and last year’s “Thieves”.

Go on a twisted journey of sound and melody with the hauntingly beautiful songs of Natalie Saint-Martin.