1. Kintsugi Ruins 0:30
  2. Horsepope Ruins 0:30
  3. Lioness Ruins 0:30
  4. youswimaghost Ruins 0:30
  5. Apple Trees & Blood Stained Leaves Ruins 0:30
  6. Silent Talk Ruins 0:30
  7. Way To Fall Ruins 0:30
  8. Wearing White Ruins 0:30

Ruins is set to drop their new album titled ‘Pure at Heart’ on June 17th. Picking up where their previous debut ‘Sample Size‘ leaves off, there is a deeper dive into that signature sound that is Ruins. A delectable mix of soul and underground, that beautiful falsetto vocal over a myriad of soundscapes, from post-modern to synth to even subtle Americana, the delicacy is in the diversity from a pair of true artists on the verge of making it big. Originality has a new voice.

About ‘Pure at Heart’

Their second album ‘Pure at Heart’ will be released 17th June 2022 and is a continuation of their atmospheric sound from debut record ‘Sample Size’.

Pure at Heart sees Ruins deliver their signature blend of moody, soulful, melodic basslines, shimmering synth and broken beats.

The new album includes ‘Wearing White’ – a delightful ‘semiotic exploration’ featuring soaring vocals and a sweet-yet-dirty-pop sound to keep fans dancing. Written pre-pandemic and mixed during lockdown, the track guides us by ‘loving hand’ on an exploration through the symbolism of the colour white, from notions of angelic purity to scientific endeavour.

Other tracks on Pure at Heart include ‘Kintsugi’ – a mix of fragmented drum beats and hook-laden bass riffs, telling tales of self-forgiveness and healing.

‘Youswimaghost’ – gives us a fluid bass groove and elegiac harmonies underpinned by primal beats, taking the listener on an ethereal journey.

Each track includes Lloyd’s raw and enchanting falsetto vocal with its angelic untampered tone.

Lloyd says: “At this moment in time there is no-one who sounds like us, we’re forerunners of something unique and new – we deliver the unexpected.”

“Melody is fundamental to the overall sound of Pure at Heart and sonically it’s a really textured record” said Nik.

Ruins are:

  • Lloyd Rock (vocals & drums)
  • Nik Kavanagh (bass & synth)