Maze has today released their new album titled ‘Chaos Interrupted’. This is an album that, to me, is the perfect example of what a true album should be. A set of songs that flow into each other in such a way as to create a flow, much like a good book. Each song is a chapter. A chapter that you can relate to in a different way with each listen. With each flow into that next chapter.

And, within that flow, you get the subtle things that make the album as full as it is whole. You get those instruments in the background. Those little things that are signature yet barely noticeable. Find them if you can. Your subconscious will.

With stories about life, love, happiness, and happiness not achieved, Maze takes those trials of life and make them their own with each its own part of that bigger picture. Find a favorite. It won’t be hard. Mine has changed a few times in the few weeks that I’ve had this album.