Stacey Cohen has released her new album titled ‘Wild Service’. To say this album is original is an understatement. Stacey shows such a creative spark in each track on ‘Wild Service’. Sounding wise beyond her years, ‘Wild Service immerses the listener into another realm of possibilities with an orchestra of sound soloed by a truly angelic and harmonic voice that lay between modern classic and post-modern epic.

Mixed by Jon Kelly, he continues his tradition of sculpting originality in the vein of Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and more, all of which he worked with, into adding Stacey into that stable of iconic voices.

About Stacey Cohen

Stacey Cohen is an experimental music artist from London & Snowdonia who makes Bass Folk. Her distinctive, playful, & quirky sound, is inspired by nature, sustainability, folk music, & the urban music landscape. Fire side folk meets half step.

A passionate sound hunter & producer, Stacey incorporates recording experiments, found sound, & experimental electronic elements, within her tracks, and beats, to help to convey their stories.

Her music has been featured on BBC Sounds/Introducing on three separate occasions. Most recently the first single Night Vision, for her latest album Wild Service, was featured on the Adam Walton’s new music show. She recently won support from The Arts Council.

Wild Service was produced by Stacey Cohen, & mixed by legendary producer Jon Kelly (Kate Bush, Tori Amos). The album follows the wheel of the year. Each track being associated in sound, and story, with the time of year of its release.

Martyn Ware (The Human League) on Wild Service: “Unique, mysterious, engaging and visionary compositions showing a fertile arrangement imagination. The listener is constantly surprised in a good way, the work of a true artist”