Efrat Cohen (aka Fafa Galoure), singer, writer and composer has been performing and arranging with Asi Ashkenazi since 2012. The musical style is a bridge between Indie Rock and multiple patterns that range from Classical, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Ballad and Punk.

The songs reveal an internal emotional landscape that exists alongside the external day to day.

They expose personal ideals, hopes, processes and inner conflicts which arise when you struggle to be true to yourself despite your ideas about what is expected of you. The musical framework allows for delicate emotions to surface, as in the song ‘Hero’, that deals with the paradoxical nature of feeling enslaved and overwhelmed by demands, whilst affirming to yourself that you are a hero in order to keep trying. Creating harmony between one’s inner world and the outside world has been at the core of Efrat’s musical journey.

Fafa Galoure has been receiving great reviews in Israel and is being played on numerous radio shows and blogs since ‘Tingle my Taste’ and ‘No Sound’ was released this Summer.

The band took many turns over the years in terms of arrangements, band members, and production. Finally, after 3 years of brewing and successfully reaching their goal in a local fundraising campaign, They are launching their debut album, ‘ As You Are’, produced by Omer Hershman.