The Room in The Wood has officially dropped their full monty in the form of their new album titled ‘We’re The Martians, Now’ via A Turntable Friend Records. Featuring a more diverse and introspective turn in their musical journey, The Room in The Wood gives a dynamically varied set of performances that lend to the ear more of a set of stories woven together by the tracklisting of the album than an album itself. Every song has that little something all it’s own and collectively gives more of an interesting ‘tracks 1 through 12’ as chapters almost like little musical cliffhangers waiting to see where it goes next. Well thought out and sonically artistic, ‘We’re The Martians, Now’ makes us the fans, now.

As of April 10,’We’re The Martians, Now’ is available across music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. It will be released on colored vinyl and CD, as well as digitally, and can be ordered via Bandcamp.

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About The Room in The Wood

Liverpool-based The Room in the Wood presents their new album ‘We’re The Martians, Now’. 12 genre-bending tracks wisping you through sounds recalling The Doors, Nick Drake, The Fall, Burt Bacharach, Echo & The Bunnymen and The Velvet Underground.

This LP features ace drumming by Colin George Lamont (Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan), charming flute by Simon James and heavenly backing vocals by Helena Jacks. Recorded and mixed by Steve Powell (Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band) at his Liverpool-based Ark Studios, it was mastered by Pete Maher (Barry Adamson, The Alarm).

This was previewed by two singles – ‘Charmed’, a beautiful Burt Bacharach-esque ballad about the elite of our society – a timely message given the growing disparity seen in the UK and elsewhere, and ‘Fun of The Fair’ with stomping beats, nods to glam rock, name-checking T-Rex, 70s reminiscence and youth gang flair – all the right ingredients for a 3 minute POP song!

The videos for both songs were created by the wonderful Mark Jordan, who set things in the scene. The ‘Charmed’ video also features footage of Dave Jackson and Paul Cavanagh, filmed by Sarah Ryan.

At its core, The Room in the Wood is Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson, who are once again working together after a huge gap since their post-punk band The Room split back in 1985. This past year has been highly prolific for them, writing 30+ new songs, putting out three releases, issuing four videos, and performing live.

This album follows their the band’s sci-fi inspired ‘Mars EP’, released in late 2018. Prior to this, the Liverpool outfit released their debut album ‘The Room in the Wood’ and the ‘Magical Thinking’ EP earlier that same year.

Dave Jackson has been writing and recording since his teens – with The Room, 051, Benny Profane, Dust, Dead Cowboys, as Dave Jackson & The Cathedral Mountaineers, and also with former Shack guitarist John Head. He has recorded and released 10 albums with these various incarnations, notched up 7 John Peel sessions with The Room and Benny Profane, and has also appeared on the Whistle Test, Janice Long and Saturday Live.

Jackson has also toured the UK, Europe, and the USA extensively with The Fall, The Violent Femmes, Aztec Camera, The Lemonheads, and The Wedding Present. He currently teaches creative writing at Liverpool John Moores University and has developed his novel ‘Violet City’ as a low-budget fantasy feature film.

Paul Cavanagh has performed as a solo instrumentalist as Cabin in the Woods and as one of Mike Badger’s Shady Trio. He worked with The Room drummer Alan Wills at Deltasonic Records with The Coral and The Zutons. Paul has also recorded 4 John Peel sessions and released albums with Top, It’s Immaterial, Moongoose, as well as critically acclaimed singles with Gloss. He also played guitar for Chinese Religion, The Balcony, and Ludus.

Featured image by Mark Sant Angelo.