À L’Aube Fluorescente are an alternative rock band based in Abruzzi,Italy and born at the beginning of 2012. Their first EP, called “Soar”, was recorded at Acme Recording Studios in May 2013, under the supervision of Davide Rosati, Sound Engineer and Artistic Producer. The EP wasn’t officially distributed but it gave life to an artistic end result which drew the attentionof several music agents so that the band could sign a contract for Overdub Recordings, a record label born from the evolution of Worm Hole Death Recordings.

Meanwhile the band took part to several musical events throughout Italy, including the well-known “Voci Dal Sud Music Festival”, where they played as support band for Meg (99 Posse’s former leading voice).

“Romantic and voluptuous,sensual and nostalgic.Orange is the color of dreams. Ethereal and dreamy simply pulses from its core. Our Youth is just like summer. “This is not life, it is a stolen season.”