If I could describe Absent Sound it would be a cross between Sigur Rós and a really good meal. And this is a good complement in my opinion because Sigur Rós is a groundbreaking band and, just like them, Absent Sound leaves me fullfilled at the end. Their new EP, “Black Dots” is an ambient soundtrack to a really good life. In fact, it kind of gave me the same sense of self that Terrance Mallick’s “The Tree of Life” gave me when I saw it for the first time. And, in a way, “Black Dots” holds that same feeling of “longing for memories past” as well as an eagerness for the future. It, like Terrance Mallick, may not be for everyone but true art never touches everyone, but can supplicate anyone. Get “Black Dots” and see where you fit in.

“Black Dots” is available now as a cassette at www.custommademusicva.com.

About Absent Sound:
The Test Drive: Absent Sound - Black DotsAbsent Sound are powerfully eclectic and engaging musicians, spanning from record skip world dub to heavy electronic post rock with eerie yet pop infused vocal harmonies. In their powerful lyrics, the band writes about freedom, the beauty of dreaming, t.v. addiction, mind expansion, getting over boredom, promoting inspiration and thinking for yourself. They draw influences from the likes of Sonic Youth, This Heat, Can, Unwound, Pink Floyd, Fuck Buttons, and Radiohead.