Albert Gold has today premiered his new EP titled ‘Patterns’. ‘Patterns’ is a bravado mix of electro soul with a stellar vocal mix by Albert himself. Mix in dabs of funk and RnB and you have the beginnings of Albert’s signature sound. But, above all else, you have that one thing that makes Albert a force to be reckoned with in the #indie music scene. You have originality. That special kind of originality that only comes from an artist with heart and an artist who wears that heart on their sleeve. That dynamic feeling within each track that announces the staying power because, well, you feel each song as you listen to it. you ingest it. You take it in and it becomes a part of you. It becomes, well, a ‘pattern’.

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About Albert Gold

As you may have guessed, Albert is not a man to take sitting in a highrise at the end of the Lea Bridge Road in the middle of a global pandemic lying down. Last summer he released the excellent solo ‘MOOD’ EP, and later in 2020 he launched the effervescently chilled CHILI PALMER with David Gledhill, the man behind the Souls We Are project. Barely last month CHILI PALMER released the ‘I Love E9’ album, featuring the radiant ‘Cocktail Nights’ single featuring Gia Ford. Indeed, the ‘PATTERNS’ EP track ‘1LastPhotograph’ is culled from those CHILI PALMER sessions.

Bolstered by previous live shows for Communion, Tipping Point, BMI / The Fix, London In Stereo, Sofar Sounds and Good Karma, and backed by airplay support from Steve Lamacq, Huw Stephens at Radio 1 and BBC Introducing London, Albert Gold has performed at Red Bull Studios in South London and released the ‘London Calling’ single featuring covers of cockney classics by Coldplay, The Clash and Blur. He also features as vocalist on the multi-million-streamed ‘Trouble’ single by Dutch producer Bakermat.