Italian rockers Ashes To Ashes are the perfect blend of melodic sensibility and hard rock songwriting craftiness wrapped in a beautiful package of showstopping production. This filler-less outing from Ashes To Ashes is eleven tracks of sonic bliss aimed to give both fans of rock and pop something to appreciate. The songs are each varied in their own right and yet pay equal homage to their respective genres. Bravo!

About Ashes To Ashes:
Ashes To Ashes is an Italian alternative metal band founded in Genova, in 2010 by the singer/pianist Marta Vassallo, by the lead guitarist Paolo Schiavi and by the drummer Paolo Di Lorenzo. In April of 2012 the Aslhes To Ashes flew overseas. The Band recorded their first album at Westfall Recording Company in New York! Their sophomore album “Urania” is now ready to be released by Epictronic.

Marta “Polverina” Vassallo – Vocals, growl, keyboards
Paolo Schiavi – Lead Guitar
Enrico “Wuky” Cabona – Guitar
Paolo “Pol” Di Lorenzo – Drums Stefano Anentodio – Bass