Bear of Bombay officially releases his new EP titled ‘Something Stranger’ today. Each track gives off that confidence of originality while, collectively, the tracks coincide perfectly. Almost like a singular concept.

Lorenzo Parisini, aka Bear of Bombay, has that consistent sound that is signature while taking the time to lovingly create each track in a varied and colorful image that only he can create. This is brilliance through the speakers.

About Bear of Bombay

Colorful krautrock trips and cadenced, catchy take in the realms of synthetic sounds mark ‘Something Stranger’, the debut EP of Milanese songwriter and musician Lorenzo Parisini new solo project Bear of Bombay, due for release in early 2021.

Active in the Italian underground scene with several bands, and after having played at major festivals, sharing the stage with the likes of Mark Gardener (Ride) and Sophia, Lorenzo Parisini now starts a new course characterized by ethereal electric guitars and synth carpets, rhythmic loops and minimal harmonies, giving birth to a very personal hybrid of psychedelia, electronica, shoegaze and new wave. Parisini likes to call this unique distillate “Psychodreamelectropop”.

Recorded by Lele Battista at Le Ombre Studio in Milan and mixed by Enrico Tronci, the five tracks that make up the EP feature a mixture of ethereal guitars, synth carpets, rhythmic loops and minimal harmonies. All firmly rooted in new wave.