Beatific finally drop their long-awaited EP titled ‘Sunshine’. We originally reviewed their single ‘She Loves Him’ and that was the moment the anticipation began. With the full EP ‘Sunshine’, we get a more complete picture of what Beatific is about and want to accomplish.

Those thick and blended harmonies of the lead single are expounded upon with the rest of the EP present. With added instrumentation such as a serenely played acoustic guitar riff in ‘Perpetual Contemplation of an Infinite Glory’ to the almost retro-esque synth wave of ‘Smile Dangerous’ finalized with an almost purely orchestral rendition of ‘Naftali (My Struggle)’ with a hint of an homage to M83, Beatific solidifies their style and puts forth their intention in the industry as an act that is not only here to stay, but here to play.

‘Sunshine’ is set to drop tomorrow (December 6, 2019) on all major platforms (links below).

About Beatific

Known for his sound design work, Elad Marish was a songwriter long before becoming a respected industry figure and President of the American Association of Music Producers. While Beatific is not Marish’s first band or side project by any means, it’s the first collaboration between him and Jeremy Black, the former drummer of Apollo Sunshine known more recently for his collaborations on the Bon Iver and The National-organized music festival PEOPLE. Fittingly, their partnership yields songs that sprawl with myriad sounds and influences over staying complacent and pigeonholed.

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“In our world, the distinction between genres is rather grey,” singer/songwriter Elad Marish told GroundSounds ahead of their debut Sunshine EP. Where lead single “She Loves Him” is a euphoric trip into sun-drenched psych-folk, Beatific quickly segues into “Smile Dangerous,” a bassy, strutting left turn into synth-pop. The EP’s most personal moment, “Perpetual Contemplation of an Infinite Glory,” is a meditative unpacking of intergenerational trauma and how to move forward. As chaotic as it sounds on paper, Sunshine is an eclectic journey into how we find our own beatific moments in an often unbalanced, unhappy, and complicated world.