Black Sedan is a collective of musicians rallied round by the journalist/author/publisher Mark Hodkinson.

Mark began the project two years ago. He explains the name. “When I was growing up. there was a record shop in town (Rochdale to where his family had moved from Manchester) called Black Sedan. I often got close to the door, smelling the patchouli oil and hearing all these great sounds, but was too intimidated to actually go in. By the time I had plucked up the courage, it had closed down.

The album, Adventure Lit Their Star, is furiously varied with no less than five vocalists and upwards of 30 contributing musicians. In its downtempo, cut up moments it has been said to evoke UKNLE, The Avalanches, The Sound Defects but when it’s upfront and at you, it’s as simple and direct as power pop maestros Nada Surf, Oh Sees or The Shout Out Louds. And of course there is always Hawkwind – Black Sedan cover Robert Calvert’s The Right Stuff and This Is Your Captain Speaking: Your Captain Is Alive is near enough, a tribute to space rock’s finest.