Calling Apollo have always been one of my favorite indie acts in the new music scene. Just check out our write-up for their last effort “HUNTER | GATHERER“. Now they’re back with the all new “The Great Depression Act 1” and, as far as opening acts go (and any acts) it is a purely sold piece of music from start to finish with absolutely no filler whatsoever. While definitely getting a bit heavier in this effort, Calling Apollo still perfectly retain that bravado swagger and master songwriting prowess that they are rapidly becoming known for. They seamless combine the melodic thrust of great alternative metal and the power pop sensibilities of the best songwriters of today while not even giving a hint of compromise. That is a true mark of greatness.


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About Calling Apollo
After spending their early 20’s touring the UK and Europe in their own respective bands, five guys from Cardiff ended up on internet forums looking for a new project that would become their next step in music.

In 2012, these five guys, strangers to each other, had now met up and began focusing on writing new songs. They bonded with their first self-recorded EP, “Vessels” which instantly featured their enthusiasm for a combination of melodic structures, ambience and aggression.

After many shows and studio sessions, in 2015, with confidence in their song writing at an all time high, the band raised their game with their release, “Hunter | Gatherer”, and chose Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For A Friend/Kids in Glass Houses) to produce the 5-track EP.

In order to release it, they also invested into their own label, Signal & The Noise Records.

“Hunter | Gatherer” received rave reviews. The lead single, “Monsters”, described by Alt Corner’s reviewer as “a song I can see a thousand fans screaming their lungs out to at the end of a show”, featured a Twin Peaks-style music video that captured the band’s energy and ability to shape shift between the ambience, melody and robust riffs.

Calling Apollo are now preparing to record a two-part album, “The Great Depression: Act I & II” with producer Todd Campbell (Straight Lines/Samoans), but not before a new single/video release for “Clone City” in March 2016.

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Calling Apollo are:

  • Christian James Neale – Vocals
  • Kevin Williams – Guitars
  • Dan Hughes – Guitars
  • Luke Walters – Bass
  • Zak Woolf – Drums