Calming River is the stage name of British songwriter Joshua Brain.

Delicate and tender, his alternative-acoustic songs shine a melancholic light within a dark and brooding atmosphere. Intricate fingerpicking, numerous tunings and reflective, somber lyrics generate an intimate and beautiful aesthetic, complemented by the harrowing violin of DJ Alvaro Takt (Cassetta Records).

In 2014 Brain released his seven track debut ‘Afflict and Redeem’. To date the EP has caught the attention of numerous radio stations, fanzines and reviewers. Now living in Denmark, the release of Joshua Brain’s debut has coincided with numerous shows in country’s two biggest cities —Copenhagen and Aarhus. In Autumn 2015, after a summer of live performances, Calming River releases a new four track EP, titled ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’. The record, which was recorded and produced in Aarhus, sees the artist continue his collaboration with DJ and violinst Alvaro Takt.

Calming River can be found on all major sites, including Spotify, WiMP and iTunes. “The Ones That We Left Behind” will be available November 29th.

“Calming River is an artist who creates very real music, music which comes to life and moves before you like an apparition.” Mytacism Music

“It is a wistful, melancholic and thoughtful album with traces of the 1960s psychedelic folk with groups like The Incredible String Band—and newer models like Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.”