1. Sink or Swim Carly Thomas 0:30
  2. Explode Carly Thomas 0:30
  3. I'll Find An Ocean Carly Thomas 0:30
  4. Montreal Train Song Carly Thomas 0:30
  5. Lightning Bolts Carly Thomas 0:30
"Explode" cover
“Explode” cover

Born in Thailand and raised in Argentina, France, and various parts of North America, singer songwriter Carly Thomas can trace her insatiable wanderlust to a childhood in which she never lived anywhere longer than three years. Having attended four different high schools in three different countries, Carly is more skilled in the art of goodbye than most, channeling her experiences of change, loss and longing into heartfelt lyrics and beautiful acoustic guitar lines to create songs that have won over audiences from Paris to Manhattan.

With a strong, clear voice, thick with emotion, Carly’s skillfully crafted Indie Folk songs are underpinned with a sincerity and truth that enthralls, she grabs listeners’ attention with gutsy stories of love and witty onstage banter, yet Carly isn’t afraid to expose her heart in order to help her listeners mend theirs.

Latest EP ‘Explode’ was written in friends’ living rooms, on an 18-wheeler delivering bubble-gum, on transcontinental flights and beaches. These songs were written where Carly is most at home, on the road.

“I often think that I have so much more perspective when I’m in a new landscape and I can create some time and space to reflect,” she explains. “Obviously The Montreal Train Song has that definite movement about it, but it’s also about trying to settle into a new experience.”

Explode is a collaboration of talent featuring Ken Ross on bass guitar, Matt Varey on drums, Noah Battaglia on violin and Mike Ge on stand-up bass on the eerie Lightning Bolts. Guitarist Patrick Dryburgh has been a consistent force in the project, playing all of the electric guitar on the EP.

For Carly, the EP’s title represents an explosion of creativity, which has been appreciated and acknowledged by tastemakers of the Canadian music scene. ‘Explode’, which Carly co-produced in London, Ontario with Michael Marucci of Sonic Zen Studios, was nominated for EP of the Year by CHRW radio and follows the success of her previous albums to date, which include ‘Distance’ (2003) and ‘Up This High’ (2009).

Spending almost a decade on Canada’s west coast, Carly Thomas returned to familial roots in London, Ontario where she received the 2015 Jack Richardson Music Award for Contemporary Singer Songwriter. The return to Ontario’s music scene also led Carly to participate in various outreach projects; she released a single ‘I Remember You’ in support of World Suicide Prevention day with all proceeds donated to The Canadian Mental Health Association.

Carly’s live show, known for being dynamic and ever-evolving, will see embarking on a tour of the UK, Netherlands and Germany in support of the release of ‘Explode’. She has already shared the stage with artists such as Matt Barber, Trent Severn, and Jenn Grant, performed at festivals including Home County and NXNE and, as an independent artist, continues to enjoy pushing the boundaries of the Modern Folk scene.


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