1. Imagination Citrus Clouds 0:30
  2. The Sun Is In My Eyes Citrus Clouds 0:30
  3. Make A Life Citrus Clouds 0:30
  4. Always Tomorrow Citrus Clouds 0:30
  5. It's You That I Find Citrus Clouds 0:30
  6. Shapes & Things Citrus Clouds 0:30
  7. Bright Lights Citrus Clouds 0:30
  8. Be Eternal Citrus Clouds 0:30
  9. Begin Again Citrus Clouds 0:30
  10. Monsoon Daze Citrus Clouds 0:30

Citrus Clouds really give a surrealist view of Shoegaze in the most honest and fulfilling way possible. Above all else, they have a sense of complexity about their music in that their music, song by song, each gives a distinct emotional resonance that can make you relate and feel each hook and riff as more than music.

“Imagination” is out now via Custom Made Music.

About Citrus Clouds
Citrus Clouds are Erick Pineda, Stacie Huttleston, and Angelica Pedrego. Formed in West Phoenix in 2014 (with original drummer Anthony Jarero). Citrus Clouds play melodic, shoegazey dream pop.

What people are saying:
Mitchell Hillman, Java:
“Citrus Clouds create a sound akin to early My Bloody Valentine, taking a fascinating genre and truly owning it. “Anymore,” “Love Is” and “Forever Friends” are perfect examples of this, where there is as much noise as there is sheer beauty, woven together into moody mosaics accented by dreamlike imagery.”

Dave Allison, Custom Made Music:
“Citrus Clouds are an incredible new shoegaze/dream pop unit based in Phoenix Arizona. Their debut E.P. “In Time I Am” merges beautiful male/female vocals with a heavy dose of ethereal dive-bombing guitars and a spot on rhythm section….A fine collection of reverb drench rock n roll from one of 2015’s best new bands.”

Chris Nunley, Yabyum:
“What sets this album apart from the before mentioned “Souvlaki” is how well this band has achieved such a big, lush sound with a minimalistic approach. But it’s not just shoegaze. There’s hints of surf, garage, and pop all beautifully intertwined to create a unique sound full of life and gives the listener a breath of fresh air laced with psychedelic gooeyness.”

Renato Malizia, The Blog That Celebrates Itself-
“De Phoenix, Arizona vem as guitarras hipnóticas, cintilantes e sonhadoras do Citrus Clouds que debutaram recentemente com seu In Time I Am. Um exercício cativante de como seduzir o ouvinte desde os primeiros acordes de Anymore, mas no decorrer dessa viagem ainda existem preciosidades como Dreamer e principalmente a faixa título In Time I Am.

Um estreia de gente grande, não deixa de se apaixonar de imediato.”

Primal Music:
“Based in Phoenix, Arizona – Citrus Clouds create lazy reverberating soundscapes full of psychedelic desertgazing goodness with just a hint of dream pop flair!”