1. Portland Clifffs 1:00
  2. Underneath Clifffs 1:00
  3. Timing Clifffs 1:00
  4. Earthquakes Clifffs 1:00
  5. Ghost Clifffs 1:00
  6. Thief Clifffs 1:00
  7. Volcano Clifffs 1:00
  8. Trains Clifffs 1:00
  9. Test Run Clifffs 1:00
  10. Jimmy Clifffs 1:00
  11. Future Clifffs 1:00
  12. Crash Clifffs 1:00

Simple in delivery yet complex in emotion is the best way to describe “Bill You’re Only Human”, the new album from Cliffs. These retro-contemporary tracks have all the hooks and drive that make everything that is the new indie proud. Clifffs really take it to the next level in their evolution of revolution with a confident songwriting style that’s reminiscent of the Mersey and the New York Punk scenes of old. Well done!

“Bill You’re Only Human” is out today via Custom Made Music!

Clifffs are:
John D- guitar, vocals
Bill Spellman- drums, backup vocals
Andy Lester- bass, backup vocals + 1,2,3,4’s

recorded, mixed, produced by John D. at kdB studio
additional recording at Valve Studios with Casey DiIorio
backup vocals, ideas, drinks- Jeycin Fincher, Aaron Thedford, Jason Garner

all songs written by John D.

thanks to: Kevin Brown, Matt + Petra, Dave at CM, Casey D, Jason G, Sarah Jaffe, Jeff Ryan, Aaron T, Jeycin F,
Matthew G, Jennifer M, Erv K, Chris Mueller, Danette and June

Released by:
Custom Made Music

Photo: Jim Riddle